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"And the main thing about you, of course I don't know you that well because of my not living in India for so long, but I remember, there are few instances where I met you across your life."

Inspired by stories like The Lion King and Hamlet, and his own complex relationship with his father – who passed away in 2021 – Museum is an exploration into Tejas’ past to better understand his present, and is a deeply personal introspective look on loss and redemption.

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Music and Lyrics by Tejas

Produced by Jehangir Jehangir, Adil Kurwa, and Tejas Menon

Artwork by Nisha Vasudevan

Recorded at Island City Studios, Mumbai

Engineering by Aria Nanji, Hersh Desai, Adhithya Sivakumar, and Ashyar Balsara

Vocals, Mandolin, and Production by Tejas Menon

Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Bulbul, and Production by Jehangir Jehangir

Bass, Backing Vocals, Bulbul, and Production by Adil Kurwa

Backing Vocals by Mallika Barot, Aria Nanji, and Shannon Donald (“Museum”, “Read Your Mind”)

Backing Vocals by Aseem Trivedi (“Museum”)

Sarangi by Vanraj Shastri (“Exspiravit In Machina”, “The Clock”)

Mixed and Mastered by Hersh Desai at Island City Studios

Management by Misfits Inc.

Executive Producers: Nayantara Kumar and Savinay Shetty

Associates: Suneet George, Pruthvi Dhawale


Special Thanks to:

Rupa Basu

Nathan Thomas

Amira Gill

Aniket Kamble

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